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Transforming The Lives

Of  A Million Millennial Leaders

Rosa Abraha


A trained public health practitioner, that’s rocking the corporate curls by day and the boss lady bun by night! Do you struggle with your professional brand and applying for the job or degree that you know you’re destined to have? Well look no further! Revamped by Rosa is my professional and educational development consulting firm geared at providing resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, graduate application and other professional branding tools to the energized and passionate change agents of this generation, millennials! I’m on a mission, sent by Christ, to reshape the way that millennials are viewed in the workforce and transforming the lives of a million millennial leaders using proven workforce and educational recruitment and retention strategies! No dream or purpose is too big, let’s make it happen together!



First, lets chat!

Book your 15 minute clarity session in order to understand the vision of your professional needs.


We start the revamping process.


Reevaluate, revise and put it to the test.

So, How Does It Work?
The revamp starts from within.

Revamp Reviews

Hear from the clients themselves:

"Where do I even begin? Revamped by Rosa has been such a blessing to me! The personalized services and attention that Rosa provides to you during the consultation phase, in and of itself, was invaluable. She took time to hear what my goals were, and provided me with tangible steps to take my Public Health career forward - from how to update my LinkedIn, the best platforms to apply to jobs on, and more importantly instilled a since of confidence in me by helping me to articulate my skill set in a way that I otherwise struggled with in the past. The work was outstanding! It has been such a blessing. She was able to take a resume that really didn't adequately demonstrate my expertise, and made it so amazing! This investment was such a blessing. I feel more informed and better prepared to tackle interviews. I even presented my revamped resume to my current supervisor and mentor, who has offered to tailor my current job responsibilities to better suit the types of positions I am looking to apply to. I will forever be grateful to Rosa for the time she has taken to impart her knowledge unto me and provide me with a tool that will allow me to take my Public Health career to the next level! A million thanks! "

-Felicia Davenport, MPH


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