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Rosa Abraha

The Revamp Queen

I’m Rosa a.k.a the Revamp Queen serving as a public health policy expert by day and a professional branding and career strategist by night. I’m on a purpose-filled mission to provide you with the guidance and support necessary to make your professional and academic dreams come true! As an Ethiopian-American born to immigrant parents, I didn’t have the luxury or access to information or mentors that understood the college application process. In fact, my parents would always say “Rosa we know you’ll be a doctor, lawyer or President of the United States one day” but knew little to nothing about creating a strong resume or writing the compelling personal statement that I needed to get into higher education programs. While my parents did their absolute best to support me, my college application process didn’t feel like perfectly pictured campus visits. It felt more like accepting that I would have to do many things without the proper guidance that every child should have when applying to school. That feeling of being lost didn’t end when I got accepted into college. Like many of you, I spent numerous semesters engaging with my fair share of bad college advisors who didn’t understand or adapt to my dual identity, my story or my needs. I walked into advising appointments desperate for guidance and walked out even more frustrated and misplaced about my professional path post-graduation. 


Revamped by Rosa

After being told by an academic advisor that my dream career was unattainable, I vowed that I would spend the rest of my life mentoring and empowering young people to chase their dreams. From speaking on academic panels at Emory University and University of Maryland to hosting and speaking at professional events like the inaugural Women in Public Health event and the Atlanta Influencer Meetup, I’ve dedicated my life to equipping young people like myself with the knowledge, resources and tangible solutions to successfully pursue their dreams and their purpose. 

God gave me a vision to launch Revamped by Rosa, my professional development consulting firm geared at providing career and educational coaching and professional branding tools to the energized and passionate change agents of this generation — millennials! Whether you need your resume revamped or you need a one-on-one coaching session as you’re applying to academic programs, Revamped by Rosa is here to help you propel in becoming a future leader in your field. No dream or purpose is unreachable, let’s make it happen together!


My mission is to:

☉ Transform the lives of a million millennial professionals


☉ Equip young professional with the knowledge, resources and tangible solutions to successfully pursue their purpose

☉ Empower young  professionals to become leaders in their industry and niche

"Even though closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in your dream job can be so easy and effortless, getting past the actual application process can be anything but." 


Thank You. No spam, I promise.

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